A Tribute to Sheila Rieman

My heart is hurting at the loss of my friend and mentor, Sheila Rieman. Her time with us was cut short by a tragic car accident on November 17, 2011. Hers was a friendship that transcends time and will continue to live in my heart forever. We could track back to a time and place where we "met", but came to learn that our paths over the years had been similar and we had unknowingly crossed at many junctures. But, had we met as toddlers, there would still not been enough time together for all the paintng trips yet planned, the projects waiting, the phone visits or the road trips.

Sheila had a passion for art, an intuitive sense of color and design, a strong work ethic, a "can do" attitude, and a genuinely warm and caring spirit. Every visit with her was packed with laughter, fun and adventure. Her stories entertained, her personality was endearing, and her life unpretentious. She was humble about her work, though it is world class, and placed her greatest value on family and friends. Rest well dear friend.


  1. What a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your friend. I hope you are at a point now with your grief that you can smile at all the lovely memories you have of your times together.


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